At age 40, in the middle of an extremely profitable contracting career, Chuck Coburn suddenly discovered he was psychic at precisely 6:45PM on a Sunday evening in October over fourty years ago. After detailed training with numerous mystics, teachers and indigenous shamans for over ten years, he became a professional psychic, teacher and lecturer as well as host of his own TV show, ''Personal Pathways. He has taken part in psychic research with the John F Kennedy University, the US Government (yes, really) and the Stanford Research Institute. He has assisted local police in locating missing children, the FAA to locate downed aircraft as well as continuing to provide spiritual information for private clients.

Upon initially discovering his psychic gift, he closed his business and traveled with his wife Shirl to remote portions of the world seeking spiritual and mystical experiences. He has authored three books, drawing from his encounters with angels, ghosts and spirit guides as well as first hand experiences with indigenous shaman seers, lamas and mystics in Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, England, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Russia and a variety of Native American tribes of the Western United States.

Chuck has appeared on over 60 radio and TV shows as well as lecture and conduct workshops at local high schools, universities and international forums on a variety of metaphysical subjects with the ultimate goal of opening his students to trust the inherent intuitive gift we all possess in both our waking and dream time. His wife served as the chairman of the board of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

Autographed copies of Funny You Should Should Say That and The Nature of Reality may be ordered directly from the author by e-mail: Resale copies of Reality Is Just An Illusion (currently out of print) may be found at, and Barnes& or at the Rossmoor Library in Walnut Creek.

Chuck Coborn