Chuck Coburn | Funny You Should Say That

Journey through this lighthearted, true story about an ordinary guy who unexpectedly discovers he is psychic. The author will share with you his illuminating encounters with spirit guides, shamans. power spots and other surprising energy manifestations while traveling the yellow brick road to enlightenment.

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Chuck Coburn | Reality is just an Illusion

Join former businessman and long-time professional psychic Chuck Coburn as he searches deep in the rain forests of Ecuador for a shaman of a headhunting tribe-and encounters the mystical realms of angels, spirit guides, sacred sites, and psychic healers.

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Chuck Coburn | The Nature of Reality

The Nature of Reality - and how to change it is an easily read spiritual guide that takes us through time and space, from the earliest conscious thought to the complexities of multiples realities and , ultimately, quantum physics. It explores the purpose of creation and our relationship with the Creator Spirit.

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Kindle Version Books | Chuck Coburn

Three books are now available on kindle!