Reality is just an Illusion by Chuck Coborn

Explore the World of Shamans, Ghosts, Angels and Spirit Guides
Parapsychology / Personal Transformation / Shamanism

Join former businessman and long-time professional psychic Chuck Coburn as he searches deep in the rain forests of Ecuador for a shaman of a headhunting tribe-and encounters the mystical realms of angels, spirit guides, sacred sites, and psychic healers.

With down-to-earth humor, Coburn melds amazing true stories of his personal journey with teachings of metaphysical laws, including how to activate your own natural psychic abilities.

  • Learn the three-step process for manifesting your desires
  • Overcome the obstacles of fear and limitation
  • Explore the shamanic arts of healing, psychonavigation, non-ordinary reality, and time journeying
  • Open the lines of communication between you and your spirit guides

Chuck Coburn (California) has spent 20 years engaged in metaphysical pursuits, and is the author of Funny You Should Say That .... He has successfully worked with police agencies to locate missing persons, the FAA to pinpoint downed aircraft, and has taken part in classified parapsychology research at John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, California.

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ISBN : 1-56718-155-4

Chuck Coburn | Reality is just an Illusion

Learn to awaken your natural
intuitive and psychic abilities.
- Chuck Coburn