The Nature of Reality - and how to change it

Helps you find your unique path to increased awareness and spiritual freedom
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Chuck Coburn | The Nature of RealityThe Nature of Reality - and how to change it is an easily read spiritual guide that takes us through time and space, from the earliest conscious thought to the complexities of multiples realities and , ultimately, quantum physics.

It explores the purpose of creation and our relationship with the Creator Spirit. It searches to discover who we really are by offering a tour though a historical perspective of a belief systems - from primitives rituals to modern sciences; from Biblical prophets to modern day soothsayers; from conventional spiritual dogma to New Ages metaphysics.

It provides a brief glimpse into time itself and reveals ancient secrets of how we each can change our personal reality. It offers multiple paths to higher consciousness by disclosing the true nature of " what is" - the meta-physics of how things really work - in order that we each might find our own unique path to increased awareness and spiritual freedom.

Available electronically on Kindle as well as, and other electronic outlets.

Paper back copies can be purchased at or click the "contact us" link on this web site to purchase an autographed copy directly from the author.

ISBN: 9781441545985
ISBN-13: 978-1441545985

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