Funny You Should Say That

A ligthhearted awakening to psychic awareness
Metaphysics / Spiritual

Chuck Coburn | Funny You Should Say ThatJourney through this lighthearted, true story about an ordinary guy who unexpectedly discovers he is psychic. The author will share with you his illuminating encounters with spirit guides, shamans. power spots and other surprising energy manifestations while traveling the yellow brick road to enlightenment.

As you smile at Chucks humorous observations and laugh at his comic experiences, you realize that he is ultimately telling a tale of incredible richness, power, and mystery.

Highly credible, with easy to follow how-tos. Coburn turns metaphysical theory into everyday practicality.

Available electronically on Kindle as well as at,, and other electronic outlets.

Paper back copies can be purchased at or click the "contact us" link on this web site to purchase an autographed copy directly from the author.

ISBN: 0916108120
ISBN-13: 978-0916108120

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