Spiritual/Psychic Readings

The 90 minute readings are channeled by Sami, one of Chuck's four spirit guides, in direct communication with YOUR spirit guides or Higher Spiritual Self.

The readings include the following five segments:

  • A consciousness-raising guided meditation.
  • Information regarding the purpose of your life -- such as who are you in this incarnation why you choose to be male or female, what you have come to resolve or complete, what is holding you back and what you may want to consider in order to complete your life tasks.
  • You will learn about one or more past lives in order that you might better understand the karma you brought to this lifetime to resolve.
  • You will be provided an opportunity to ask personal questions ranging from esoteric spiritual inquiries to practical information pertaining to career, family or personal relationships. Questions which begin with "What do I need to know" are often better than "What will happen in the future ..."
  • You will be introduced to your personal spirit guides in order that you may seek your own guidance and direction as well as open new avenues to your creativity and spiritual understanding.

Oh ... and if you are not complety pleased with the experience for ANY reason, no payment is expected