A bouquet of pleasant surprises-informational as it relates Coburn's experiences in an instructive style and inspirational in encouraging its readers to open to their own inherent talents.

These topics are usually relegated to esoteric speculation, but Coburn brings them down to earth and portrays them as part of humankind's creative potential.

Stanley Krippner; Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology at Saybrook Institute

A wonderfully funny tale of spiritual adventure, metaphysical buffoonery, and visionary insight. Coburn is a modern' day trickster. a combination of Woody Allen, the Dalai Lama, and Joe Sixpi1ck

Kelly Bulkeley Ph.D.
Religious Studies Scholar: author of The Wilderness of Dreams and Spiritual Dreaming

Funny YOLI Should Say That is a valuable reminder of the inherent resource that each human being carries-our own intuition and deep knowing.

Angeles Arrien, Ph.D.
Author: Four-Fold way and Signs of Life, winner 1993 Benjamin Franklin Award

It isn't everyday that a 'construction kind of guy' appears in the metaphysical field. Chuck Coburn is a trailblazer. He has material and a history capable of bridging gaps and pulling people together, I have recited mantras, visualized and meditated.

I have studied metaphysical phenomena extensively. but it wasn't until Mr. Coburn's book that I felt it was really possible

Patricia Windsor - New Age manuscript reviewer
Ventura CA

His books are a great read for the open minded, the neophyte psychic, or the dyed in the wool believer. Reinforces the the importance for us to believe in ourselves, our abilities, and to recognize and know that we are so much more than our physical bodies. Well written, very easy to follow and packed with interesting experiences and information. Chuck definitely shows his wit and sense of humor, not to mention that some of the experiences he shares, proves to the open minded that he has guts, and proves to the believers that he practices what he preaches.

This book really helps the reader to expand on the understanding of our real spiritual nature. It helped me to remember who the quarterback is in the game of life. It's a real "upper". Yes, "Reality is just and Illusion".....it just ain't what it seems. I look forward to reading Chuck's next book.

Ronald F. Falgout
Walnut Creek CA

Spiritual power has long been something attainable only to the few, often through years of study and deprivation. For most, connection to the divine was sought only through intermediaries. It is a time of great change, and rememberance. Rememberence of each of our divine core, of our individual connection, of our individual truth. At the dawn of the new millennium, Chuck Coburn's book, Reality Is Just An Illusion, comes at the perfect time, a primer full of practical ways to remember and empower ourselves.

Written in an unassuming and nonthreatening way, his humorous passages allow us to truly examine and attain our truth, leading to self empowerment. A must for everyone, for each and every one of us is essential in this shapeshift to a new dream, a world of harmony and responsibility.

Dr. Eve Bruce
Walnut Creek CA

Reality Is Just an Illusion : The World of Shamans, Ghosts and Spirit Guides' is a significant contribution to the body of work on spiritualism. Chuck Coburn is a guru; a man gifted with insights fashioned from profound mystical experiences. Above all is his clarity of thought and vision, superbly epitomised by his compelling definition of 'illusion' on page 66: 'Illusion is something seen but unreal; an unreality clearly seen but not visible; an unreal invisibility. It is beyond the reality of knowing yet known because of its real unknowability.

It exists transcendentally yet it doesn't. No two people see it the same although it is known universally because of its unseen, visible unreality. I now see and know.

Conan the Librarian
Pleasant Hill CA

This is one of my favorite books on this subject. It is filled with humor & stories about the author & his wife & interesting things they encounter along their search for wisdom. It is well written & easy to follow.

An Amazon.com customer

Humor is a wonderful teacher and it is Chuck Coburn's ally in his appeal to develop our natural intuition and live more creative and passionate lives. Chuck is an authentic teacher. His new book is not only a glorious romp but it is a highly practical guide to psychic development.

An Amazon.com customer

This book describes the amazing personal experience which led former businessman Chuck Coburn into a full-time career as a professional psychic. Coburn recounts his odyssey in a very readable story which is both lighthearted and deeply moving.

An Amazon.com customer

Chuck Coburn takes us on a provocative world-wide tour in search of unorthodox wisdom. The touchstones of the voyage...are curiousity, spirituality and humor. A must read...!

An Amazon.com customer

This book details Mr. Coburn's experiences with Shamanss, and his life as a psychic.

Chapers 1-5 deals with his encounters with various Ecuadorian shamans.

On page 13 Mr. Coburn relates his experiences to drinking a concoction made from the ayahuasca vine (a halucinogen) At the bottom of page 13 Mr. Coburn explains that halucinogens are not necessary to practise shamanism. and I concur.

On page 36-37 Mr. Coburn relates the story of a shaman and a bee. Mr. Coburn is alergic to bee stings and was more than 100 miles away from the nearst medical assistance. You WILL enjoy this!

On page 115 Mr. Coburn cautions people about the Ouija board and the dangers of channeling whatever comes though. I DEFFINATELY concur!

Wah doh Ogedoda

Walnut Creek CA